"I made my money back within 36 hours and was able to get a client, a really great client, that we  got some good results for."  - Rory Stern

The Ground Breaking Lead Gen Masterplan:  The State-Of-The-Art Techniques to Scale your Business Across Multiple Channels

SAVE THE DATE: January 21, 2021
11am Eastern - 6pm Eastern

Here's what you'll receive: Instant access to brand new solutions revealed at the ‘Lead Generation Workshop’, held on 21 January 2021.

The workshop showcases 6 ‘top gun’ Lead Gen marketers. They share remarkable new insights discovered through spending millions of dollars  on ad testing. In the process, they’ve earned tens of millions in sales for their clients.

Get your hands on these breakthroughs to gain an instant competitive advantage…while virtually no one else is using them. All without the expense and time of trying to figure it out for yourself.

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Straight from the AdSkills Labs…

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Lead Gen Specialist 1

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Lead Gen Specialist 2

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Lead Gen Specialist 3

Master These 6 Critical Skills Converting Clicks Into Leads

How to get quality 50 cent BUYER leads on Facebook…which lead to 6-Figure launches

  • The ‘slap-forehead’ simple technique for writing ad copy which stops clients dead in their tracks – it’s shocking how few people are doing this.

  • Sack your designer! The 2 simple tools you need to create professional quality ad graphics TODAY… no more waiting 2 weeks and paying big $$$ to your graphic designer.

  • The shortcut to creating a lead magnet that converts like crazy – beginners (and some pros!) in lead gen get this totally wrong.

  • Client doesn’t want their face on video ads? Discover how to quickly crank out 'faceless ads' that still get high opt-in rates.

  • Should you go for quality or quantity in your ad creatives? Get the definitive answer – most people will be surprised.

  • The secrets to securing 50 cent leads that BUY, without cheating and getting traffic from India or the Philippines.

  • Discover the format pulling in great CPA’s on Instagram over the last couple of months and is working great now. You’ll want to jump on this before the algo changes.

  • The latest tactics for using Instagram and Tik Tok. Don’t put all your eggs in the Facebook basket – Zuck could come along and stamp his foot on them at any time.

  • How to plan a multi-channel lead-gen strategy across FB, Instagram and Tik Tok. This is how you make the big bucks.

Presented by: Liana Ling - PowerUpStrategy.com

Owner of her own successful Lead Gen agency after turning her back on a career as a litigation lawyer. Helps entrepreneurs and business owners get booked solid with leads through advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google.

Liana is a Course Instructor and prominent member in the AdSkills community over the past 2 years. You’ll be found GULITY – if you don’t take advantage of these strategies. Did I mention Liana is a lawyer and Law Professor…I’ll show myself out…

Presentation Headline

The ‘Psychological’ Approach to YouTube Advertising which Spits out Leads on Demand…and is Set to Explode Later this Year

  • The crucial mindset shift you need when taking a campaign from Facebook to YouTube – ignore this and your campaign will bomb.

  • How the top pro’s use targeting by placement, custom audiences, affinity audiences and in market audiences.

  • Legally ‘steal’ Tom’s internal process documents for creating killer lead gen ad campaigns – it’s all laid out for you to easily copy.

  • The 3 funnels which work like gangbusters for Lead Gen on YouTube. If you’re new to advertising on YT, start here for best results.

  • Recommended software tools to help you scale your winning campaigns.

  • How to get great video production quality on a shoestring budget – never let cost stop your campaigns again.

  • The simple trick you can copy from Gordan Ramsey which increases engagement and video watch time (don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any 4-letter words).

  • How understanding buyer psychology will increase your conversions. Tom has had the benefit of 5 years studying psychology at University – you’ll discover the most important parts in 15 mins.

  • Why your video should be a “3 Act Piece” and what’s crucial to place in each piece – this is ‘sneaky’ psychology that your clients won’t be able to resist.

  • How to create a storyboard and script that will connect with your customers and make them eager to sign up (you don’t have to be Steven Spielberg; these tips will get people excited to buy).

  • A simple adjustment to the end of your video that can increase opt-ins by up to 32% - this tip blew the minds of live attendees.

Presented by: Tom Breeze – Viewability

Tom Breeze is founder of both Viewability, a YouTube ad agency & Ad Buyers Club, where marketers are transformed into YouTube ad buying heroes. Both brands adopt a "Pay for Results" financial model which has allowed Tom to work with an impressive international list of personal & corporate brands.

Tom has a master’s in psychology, is an author and is regularly invited to speak at conferences all over the world, showing businesses how to unlock the true power of YouTube ads for profit & scale.

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The Simple Formula to Generating Leads at Scale…Without Sacrificing Quality

  • Why you should create a ‘microbrand’ if you work in an agency or own an agency – In 3 mins you’ll go from “WTF is that?” to “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

  • Be amazed as Jeremy ‘opens the books’ on the financials for his successful Lead Gen business.

  • Which lead magnet is currently beating ‘reports’ in the ultra-competitive financial lead gen space? – You’ll be shocked at the simplicity of this.

  • Co-registration is back! The right way to run a profitable co-reg campaign in 2021.

  • The critical KPI that could spell disaster for your lead gen campaign – and no, it’s not conversion rate or cost per lead (this was learnt the hard way and resulted in losing a client. Don’t let it happen to you).

  • Had problems scaling? Get a sneak peek inside a campaign that generated a whopping 145,000 leads, but still maintained a 27% opt-in rate.

  • How to train the Facebook and YouTube algorithms to send you high quality, profitable leads… not cheap dross that clog up your email list but never buy.

  • Why thank you pages are dead and what you should use instead.

Presented by: Jeremy Blossom - Strikepoint Media

Jeremy Blossom is the Co-Founder and CEO of Strikepoint Media, a leading direct response advertising agency and ad network specializing in driving sales and revenue for businesses with aggressive growth initiatives.

David's Almost Famous $64k In A Day Email

Google Display Network: How to Finally Harness the Power of this Monster and Build Campaigns that Scale to 10,000 Leads a Day

  • How to scale campaigns to 10,000 leads a day or more, using Google Display Network.

  • Step-by-step guide to getting set for success on the GDN. See how an expert structures campaigns, bids, automations and targeting.

  • The quick way to create an irresistible offer… hint: swipe these examples of high performing offers to generate ideas.

  • How to design ads that will run everywhere and avoid getting banned by the Internet’s ‘rent a cop’ rules.

  • How to easily create seductive ads that reach into your customer’s subconscious – don’t let your graphic designer go creating ‘pretty’ ads, copy these proven money-makers.

  • See actual examples of ads that TANKED – understand the reasons why, so you can keep more cash in your pocket.

  • What to test if you want to keep scaling your campaigns – this is the playbook for going from $10 a day budget to $10,000 a day.

  • The 3 methods to monetize your leads, and why you should be doing all 3 to maximise your earnings.

  • The simplest way to slash your cost per lead in HALF. This how ‘big dogs’ are able to scale their campaigns.

Presented by: Justin Brooke - AdSkills.com

Founder of AdSkills.com, Justin started 11yrs ago with just $60 in an AdWords account and turned it into 6 figures. Then opened a digital ad agency and grew it to 7 figures.

He’s spent over $10 million dollars on ads and his client list includes Dan Kennedy, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Ed O’Keefe, Jon Assaraf and more.

David's Almost Famous $64k In A Day Email

Why ‘Individualized’ Leadgen is the Future… and How it Can Catapult your Campaigns from ‘Meh’ to ‘Amazing’

  • Discover how ‘individualised customer experiences’ can give you the upper hand in producing leads at scale – we’re talking 1,000 leads per day or more.

  • An inside look at the workings of a campaign currently churning out 160 leads per MINUTE – have your pen and paper ready for this one.

  • How to produce PERSONALIZED lead magnets which not only boost conversion rates… they increase the customer’s perceived value.

  • When in the customer journey should you target your leads? – Get this right and watch your opt-ins jump.

  • The SaaS ‘secret weapon’ that does all the heavy lifting of setting up a personalized led gen campaign.

  • Never hear “It won’t work in my market” again. See examples of campaigns from finance, health, info-products and local businesses.

  • Uncover the secret to producing high quality leads – Google understood this and dominated the competition. You can do the same in your markets.

  • How to get a ‘100% opt in rate’ – No, it’s not impossible if you structure your campaigns this way.

  • Hate upfront research? – Why doing research ‘on the fly’ could actually make more sense.

  • Revealed: The biggest opportunity in lead gen today – and why most advertisers are missing out.

Presented by: Mr X – The Individualized Marketing Expert

Mr X heads a personalized marketing SaaS solution that powers some of the biggest lead gen campaigns running today.

He's personally been involved in over 25 product and brand launches covering everything from concept, strategy and launch. He also has experience in operations (including design and management supply chain systems), acquisitions and exits.

David's Almost Famous $64k In A Day Email

The Expert Mastermind: How to Grow and Prosper in 2021…Despite Privacy Issues, Apple’s Anti-tracking Features and Regulatory Concerns

  • How to combat Apple’s new ‘anti-tracking’ features in iOS 14. Don’t let your business be a casualty of the war between Apple and Facebook.

  • The platform you should think of first when diversifying from Facebook – many media buyers don’t even know this exists (in fact, it didn’t exist 18 months ago).

  • Newsflash! – now you can target PURCHASERS of products. Discover where, why and how to get hold of this data.

  • Why combining offline advertising with digital could be your secret weapon in 2021. Here’s how to start taking baby steps in offline advertising.

  • How to get high quality leads for just $10 each on LinkedIn. Get a walk-through of the strategy behind an award-winning campaign and see inside their ad account. With most advertisers paying 4 or 5 times this CPL, this insight alone could pay for the course.

  • Why top agencies have sacked all their clients and gone Pay per Lead (PPL). Find out if it’s right for you.

  • Tracking WILL get harder in 2021. A panel of experts reveal what you can do to prevent carnage in your accounts.

  • An unusual way to use SEMRush to get laser targeted leads.

  • Once you understand this concept, your competitors will be dumbfounded where all your leads are coming from.

Presented by Ed Dale, AdSkills.com

Currently Director of Marketing at AdSkills, Ed has spent years at the forefront of digital marketing.  After working directly with numerous marketing legends such as Gary Halbert and Frank Kern, he’s generated millions of dollars through online direct marketing.

2.15-3pm Lunch Break

Even savvy media buyers like yourself need a break once in a while. We will set a timer on the screen so everyone can do what they do on breaks. Or stay and chat in the chat room with others for extra networking time.

EXPOSED!!! The Dirtiest Secret About The ‘Cambridge Analytica’ Scandal

On August 20th at 11am, click on the link below to join the Zoom meeting:


Bonus 1

Bonus 3

Bonus Template

Whenever our costs shoot up, we send out a few simple emails and watch backend profits roll in. $25k, $30k and even $64k days aren’t uncommon. With these emails, you can have a mini Black Friday-like week every month. Even if the last time you wrote a few words was in high school.

These emails are a media buyers best friend. They’ll create the wiggle room you need in your earnings to make your campaigns profitable. Or if you just want to buy a new car one weekend, send these emails, no ones judging you!

Have Questions? Need Help?

Contact us by email:
(24 hours) - support@adskills.com

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Shave Years Off Your Learning Curve & Steal These Brand New PROVEN Lead Gen Techniques To Kickstart 2021

Yes, I want the blueprint for running successful 6, 7 and 8 figure lead gen campaigns in 2021. I’m excited to use the latest, proven, cutting-edge strategies  working right now, despite the increasingly hostile advertising environment. Give me the recordings of the ‘2021 Lead Generation Workshop’ so I can increase lead volume, diversify my lead sources, and reduce my cost per lead.

"I used what I learned and took our campaigns from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month."

- Alejandro Reyes

My fellow ethical professional marketers might HATE me for saying this...

But there’s a LOT to learn from Facebook’s biggest data scandal… The ‘Cambridge Analytica’ event in 2018. 

Remember? The data mining company that dug a ton of data from hundreds of thousands of Facebook users?

They banked HUGE money… While, allegedly, influencing hundreds of elections all over the world… The US included.

It was so bad that Mark Zuck ended up having to testify before the senators.

And It all started with a “secret pipeline”, which allowed Cambridge Analytica to eventually charge each of their clients $5 million+.

Quick heads-up, I’m not focusing on how they mined their leads’ data and sold it for unethical reasons. 

We’re not touching that !!

I’m talking about what happened before. What allowed them to retrieve all this raw data and convert it into so much value.

It’s 100% possible to gather and use data in ethical, legal ways.

It all starts with this simple, even mundane and often overlooked thing which can give you power to reaaaally bank… 

100% ethically.

You ready to hear it???

I’m talking about good ole’ lead generation.

Before Cambridge Analytica started “reading people’s minds” and unethically influencing them…

They had to capture leads. TONS of leads.

In fact, they’ve captured 270,000+ leads with simple quizzes that were fun and, key point here, they felt valuable to the people taking them.

Generating leads should be the cornerstone of any sales-based business.

Yes, they did it for awful reasons…

Still… Leads are like gasoline for any business. Including ethical ones.

Every sales-based business can benefit, BIG-TIME, from a strong lead generation strategy.

And while we won’t be teaching you how to screw people over…

We’ll be teaching you how to set up your business for massive success, with a solid lead gen foundation.

This will be like the difference between an amateur gold miner with a shovel, vs a pro gold miner with his excavator.

With a set of the right tools, it becomes much easier and efficient to run your own oiled lead (rough gold) machine.

FREE SAMPLE Of The Kind Of Pro Tips You'll Discover Inside

I want to put an end to the whole “list building drama”.

If you cut down to the bare essentials, lead gen is a combination of: traffic + lead magnet + opt-in form.

Once you get these basic building blocks right, you can scale as much as you want:

Your prospects when they see yet another “free report offer”

You might have to squint a little and touch your nose to the screen to see it, but there's 11,731 leads there with an average cost of $1.42.

How am I able to capture almost limitless leads when most are struggling for 100 leads per day?

I’m a big fishing nut, so I’ll explain it to you with a simple fishing analogy.

Lead gen is just like fishing. It's all about the bait you use. 

I see everyone and their uncle Bob still trying to use these stupid free reports as lead magnets.

I mean… Have you ever seen a thing called a blog?

There’s no limit to what we can read these days. 

You can Google any topic and find 300 "Ultimate guides" on the same subject.

So... Why would anyone want a “free report” these days?

If someone’s struggling to build a list… They're probably fishing with the wrong bait.

It all starts with giving up the whole “free report” nonsense. 

Unless you want people to slip you a fake email address, you need an irresistible lead magnet.

In the image above I was using a sweepstakes offer. It was a $500(ish) item and we were offering 3 of them for free. All they had to do was give us their email to be entered to win.

It doesn't have to be a sweepstakes. It could be a free software, super useful spreadsheet, or whatever valuable offer your market would perceive as being worth real money.

Is a $500 prize too expensive?

Well, think about it like this, if you plan on getting 5,000 leads from it, then you’re only spending $0.10 per lead. 

Plus, think of how much easier and cheaper it is going to be to generate the 5.000 leads list with a sexy $500 prize instead of yet another free report.

Hammer meets Head!

Just don't use iPads or any general stuff.

Those will end up attracting aunt Cindy, cousin Bobby, and little Mary Sue too. 

You need a prize your target market lusts after. 

For example, in the weight loss market, it might be a free total gym or a year of free Weight Watchers.

You need a big, sexy prize, only people in your market would want.

Main thing is… Just don’t offer them something they could just go get on YouTube, Instagram or a blog.

It’s a tiny shift that produces massively better results.

That’s ONE example of what we are giving you inside this workshop. Just a tiny taste...

When you attend this workshop you’ll get at least 10 more of these “difference maker” tips. Each of them upgrading your lead gen abilities by a factor of at least x2-x5.

You’ll go from the guy (or gal) who is copying other peoples funnels, to being the one everyone is trying to copy.
Imagine the feeling of people raving about your results.

THAT’S what we’re going to do for you in this workshop.

If You're Still Reading...

If you could stop having unprofitable campaigns, what would that be worth?

What would it be worth to you if you could turn into a value generating machine?

If I sold this workshop for $2,000 it would be a fair price. With our panel's level of expertise,  accolades, client list, and the high-level strategies taught, this workshop would easily be worth $2,000.

I wanted this workshop to be a fun, Winter event, with a no-brainer price.

Because I want this workshop to be available to rookies and veterans alike, I'm setting the price at only $498.

Obviously, if this workshop helps you create just one winning campaign, it's worth more than $498.

If this workshop helps you build one list, in one niche, and monetize it with just 1 technique you learn... Then you'll obviously make far more than what this workshop costs.
What if it helps you create more than one successful lead gen campaign?
What if it helps you scale your monthly leads count from 1.500 to 15.000, just like it did for Alejandro?

HURRY! Our Zoom Account Limits Us to 1000 Seats

I'll finish with this thought...

If you're still reading it's because something isn't going right with your regular campaigns. You obviously need help, in some shape or form.

You could keep searching.

Maybe a few weeks go by and you're still in the same situation. Or maybe you buy today, and you'll have frameworks to follow.

On January 21st, you’ll have a plan, templates, checklists, everything you need to put yourself in a position to win.

If you don't buy today, maybe things get better or maybe they don't. 

But, when you buy today you've got the support of a panel of experts with over $10,000,000 worth of advertising experience.

You'll have the pro's on your side when you buy today.


Unfortunately, our Zoom account can only hold 1,000 people.

Which we are fine with, but it would be too hard to answer questions and actively provide real mentoring to more than that anyway.

But this offer went out to our 32,000+ email list, and 8,000+ social media followers. I don’t know how long it will take to fill up.

Yes, it will be recorded so you can watch any time.

Even use it to train your team.

However, once we sell the 1000th workshop ticket we will be forced to remove the buy button. If it’s still here (below) then you still have time to get in...

One Time Payment of $149
(70% discount this week only)

Yes! Enroll Me Now

In the unlikely event the coupon fails to pass automatically...
Use Coupon 'leadgen149' At Checkout For 70% off*

(*no dude, you can't apply the coupon two times)

David sold $1m+ worth of high ticket products with email. He’s routinely adding 30% to 50% to AdSkills’ revenue via backend promos every month… increasing CLTV’s so media buyers can afford higher CPAs.

Ed is a pioneer of long-form copy for the web originally trained by the great Gary Halbert. He's the Founder Of The Thirty Day Challenge and co creator of the Underachiever System with Frank Kern. He's now the Director Of Marketing at AdSkills.

Justin has been the traffic guy for Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, Legacy Research, and many others. He's managed $10,000,000+ in ad spend, driven over 50,000 customer acquisitions, and is now passionate about training the 11,000+ ad buyers in AdSkills.

Bonus 2

Seriously? Are you SURE about these bonuses… 🧐

... are you sure? ...Has Justin seen this? 🤷 🤐

...fingers crossed this one gets approved! 🤞

What’s the best way to slash your cost of acquisition?

Clever Targeting? Cool A.I.? New tracking methods to beat the iOS apocalypse?


Not even close.

The answer is Creative - A new creative can slash your cost per lead!

Of course, poor creative can destroy it. Get you banned and get you fired.

We think awesome creative (and your ability to do it again and again) will be the best MOAT you can build around your agency or business.

The best part: Good creative can be learned, it’s not a gift.

We taught our Pro Leaguers a “Copywriting for Paid Traffic Workshop” (try saying that fast!!!) workshop - it normally sells for $497 dollars.

When you buy the ‘Lead Generation Workshop’ before the deadline, you will also receive this ‘Creative’ workshop and tutorials as well – for FREE. Seriously this is like when Peanut Butter met Jelly.

There is a common factor amongst all the speakers at the lead gen workshop - they are all ACTIVE members of AdSkills Pro League. As we face massive industry uncertainty at the end of March, caused by the iOS privacy change, imagine being in the same room as our lead gen experts EVERY DAY answering questions. Well, that’s Pro League.

As a thank you for trying the ‘Lead Generation Workshop’, we will give you a coupon that can be used against a membership to join us in AdSkills Pro League.  This will give you access to all of these experts and dozens more. The coupon is for $497 (equal to 100% of the cost of this tuition) and can be used at anytime in the next six months.

Your Opportunity… but time is ticking

If you’re serious about growing your lead gen business, now is the time to act. But the window of opportunity is closing.

When we look back in 12 months’ time, today will be seen as the ‘good old days’.

With the right guidance, you can be growing your business to be profitable now, and protected in the future.

That includes protection from privacy changes, regulatory issues… and from your competitors.


Money Back Guarantee 

Try any AdSkills program for the next 30 days. We know you'll love our products because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Every course comes with the always updated guarantee. Every month we scour our courses for any outdated topics. If something has changed or become outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date. 

Freshness Guarantee 

When you buy from AdSkills, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays). 

Support Guarantee 


... are you sure? ...Has Justin seen this? 🤷 🤐

We'll be honest, we were blown away by how good this workshop was.

Do you think you could get an extra 200 high quality leads from JUST ONE of the

DOZENS of brand new techniques presented in this workshop.

Yep, I think so too.

So it seems to us asking $995 dollars for this is a steal - That's 200 leads at $5 dollars a lead.

Then we add the "Copywriting For Paid Advertising" and a voucher to cover your full purchase price for Pro-League.

I think we have a pretty good deal.

But! You are a member of the AdSkills family and before we offer this to the general public at $995...

We are giving you a $500 dollar discount until this Sunday at 12pm Pacific.

2020 was crazy and we want your 2021 to be amazing.

Use the code "CRAZY2021" and you get everything for $495 dollars!

You pay for the entire course and get the STATE-OF-THE-ART Lead Techniques for what it would cost for 100 LEADS!!!!

But only till Sunday.

Grab it now and supercharge your Lead-Gen in 2021

Don't forget your coupon code:
"CRAZY2021" (without quotes)

"Thanks to what I've learned from AdSkills I'm now one of the top ad guys in my space. I'm even getting asked to speak on podcasts now because of the reputation from my results. And I owe a lot of that to AdSkills."

- Jason Stogsdill 


"Landed my first $10k client because of what I learned in your course.”

– Jay Leishman owner of StackDigitalMedia.com

Ever since I finished the Bootcamp, I've gotten better quality clients. I've gotten rave reviews from clients that I have never gotten before because they're so happy, even with results that we've been able to get them within the first 30 days. I've never experienced this before.”

- Liana Ling

“I used what I learned and took our campaigns from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month.”

- Alejandro Reyes