For Agency Owners Who Want To Quit Grinding... Some Day!

Frustrated by working loooong days at your computer?

I’ve got just the solution for you. This isn’t a trick, it’s not a tomato timer, it’s not another to-do list app, it’s not even about productivity. 

This is about automating your agency business so it works for you. 

This is about you not being a slave to your clients campaigns. 

This is for the thousands of agency owners who started their journey to get freedom, but somehow ended up working more than ever. 

It’s not your fault. It happened to me too. 

From 2007 – 2014 I drank the “10x-hustle-grind-beastmode-your-face-off” kool-aid too. Sure, I broke the million dollar mark in my business and had 13 people working for me. 

At what cost though?

  • I was working 5am to 11:30pm and sometimes on weekends too 

  • I was telling my kids “Daddy can’t play right now, he’s working to make the money” 

  • I swelled from a stocky 225lbs to a morbidly obese 375lbs 

  • I never had time to go out with my friends anymore and even convinced myself that if they didn’t understand my hustle they weren’t good friends anyway

Hi, I'm Justin Brooke. 

At the height of my agency my client list included Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, Rich Schefren, Ed Okeefe, Jon Assaraf, Ryan Deiss, StansberryResearch, Agora Financial, Dr Al Sears, Vince Delmonte, and many others. 

You may have seen me on stage at Traffic & Conversion Summit, Underground X, MFA Live, Info Summit, Super Fast Business Live, and many other smaller events. 

Or you might have heard me interviewed on EOFire, Mixergy, and the 27 other podcasts that I've been interviewed on. 

Sadly, It's taken me 7 years to finally realize "Pretty soon daddy can play" wasn't going to happen. 

Not unless I made some changes to my business.

If You’re Not Careful You Can Trade Your Life Away For Money

Millions of people do it. 

Only to wake up in their 50’s or 60’s and realize they wish they’d worked less. 

My “business success” was destroying my life. 

Yet my mentors and role models had me convinced this was the way. So much so, that I was even bragging about my “grind” on social media. 

I didn't want to lie to my boy anymore. 

My greatest fear was that he would grow up hating entrepreneurism because it stole his daddy away from him. I've never said those words out loud until just now, and the pain still stings. 

Finally in 2015, things changed and they changed fast.

“This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.”

P.S: A nurse named Bonnie Ware who cared for terminally ill patients, wrote a book called “The 5 Regrets of The Dying.” In her book she said…

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