"I made my money back within 36 hours and was able to get a client, a really great client, that we  got some good results for."  - Rory Stern

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EXTREMELY LIMITED: This special Data Hero edition of Adskills Agency will be removed from the market after 50 spots are gone...

Position Yourself To Thrive On The Great Data Reset Of 2021 - The Biggest Media Buying Shakeup We’ve EVER Seen!

QUICK START FORMULAS: You'll start out with unlearning the bad habits and mindset that keeps media buyers in "smallville." You'll love how fast and easy it is to start creating winning ad campaigns and marketing funnels when you follow simple PROVEN formulas adapted to work in the current crisis.

NO MORE TRIAL & ERROR: With your new proven formulas in hand, you'll learn how to reverse engineer the world's most successful ad campaigns. You will reap the rewards of their secrets and skip the guessing phase. You'll confidently start every campaign with the right keywords, interests, landing pages, and ads. Know what strategies will keep you profitable in spite of the coming privacy changes.

HIGHER CONVERTING PAGES: You've never seen landing pages taught like this. You’ll use the same easy tools, but just with smarter concepts. You'll be able to create your own layouts that blow away any of the popular templates. Just be prepared for your landing pages to become the popular templates  everyone else uses. You might just become one the underdog success stories of the Great Data Reset of 2021. You’ll be the envy of all your new followers when you emerge as an ad media buying leader.

10 HOTTEST AD NETWORKS: The “sucker trap” in this industry is getting customers to buy course after course. They sucker you into buying version 2.0 and 3.0 and and and... Then they sucker you into buying all their friends courses.

Avoid the sucker trap, inside AdSkills Agency we cover ALL of the top ad networks. You will be able to scale up to millions in ad spend before ever needing another training. Plus our courses are
updated multiple times per year to ensure YOU are always up to date on the latest and best practices.

We have over 600 video lessons that teach you Facebook ads, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Native, Linkedin, Landing Pages, Funnel Building, and Agency Sales Tactics.  *NEW*  We even have emerging networks like Pinterest and TikTok. Plus, you can count on updates to include whatever future hot new network is invented next.

Being an Agency member is like owning 10 courses for the price of 1.

CREATE YOUR WAITING LIST: With so much traffic you’re going to have enough lead flow that you can cherry pick the clients YOU want. No more will you have to say yes to uneducated clients with skinny pockets. Now you'll have a waiting list of the best clients in your market. You'll brag about their names any chance you get.

You'll learn 3 free ways to build your prospect pipeline overnight, and several paid traffic ways for when you're ready to scale. You'll be surprised at how much lead flow you get and may even have to "pause" your marketing to catch up.

This is not your normal lead magnets and squeeze pages. This is a system enterprise software sellers use to insure their companies always have a surplus of prospects.

Andrew Pontius

"Before I learned of Justin Brooke’s and John Belcher’s training courses, I’d spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars piecing together profitable ad campaigns. In my experience, Adskills is the best, most comprehensive and up-to-date training on the market. If you want to shave years off your learning curve, or want to realize the full potential of your media buying abilities, Adskills and their amazing community can help you get there." 

Joakim Hansson 

When I first started with AdSkills I was a one-man-shop working by myself with clients often for a modest fee.

Now I’m running an agency for high volume advertisers managing millions for my clients, delivering great results, and getting paid very well.

Nate Smoyer 

"Knowing what I know now, Justin should have charged me double for AdSkills--and I would pay it! From the first few lessons, I took what I knew with me to a conference and landed my first paying client. Within 6 months of completing the AdSkills training, I was earning $100,000 annually as a solo media buyer. We're now working with dream clients and operating as a lean agency. I've found no community and no online resources that come close to matching the skills, talent, and knowledge of AdSkills."

HANDS ON MENTORSHIP: You’re likely used to learning on your own, but inside you’re going to have access to hands on professional mentorship. Sure you might be alone at your house but, online in our members area you will have access to over a dozen handpicked and highly qualified experts. They will answer your questions, critique your pages, give you feedback, and sometimes even partnerships are formed inside. Plus, they’ve already been prepping for the upcoming changes.

CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT: Your success is our success, so we’ve developed an entire marketing system to feature you once you are ready. For example, if you implement our training for one of your clients and get great results we’ll host you on our podcast. You’ll then have a chance to be in front of thousands of business owners who can then hire you after hearing about your success.

What would it be worth to you if you got just one client from this?

USE OUR PRACTICE ACCOUNTS: Imagine being able to practice what you learn in real live ad accounts, but without having to spend your own money. We are so confident in our training we’ll let you practice what you are learning in our ad accounts with our own money. That’s right, we fund your practice for you because the ads you’ll be running are marketing our company so we win too. Of course, you must pass our certification test first, but once passed, we’re happy to let you gain real life experience.

GUARANTEED CLIENT OFFERS: As soon as you pass our AdSkills Masters Certification test, clients will be they're waiting to hire you. Everything is already setup and they are waiting for you to finish.


RAPID REPLACE YOURSELF KIT: As soon as you pass our AdSkills Masters Certification test, clients will be they're waiting to hire you. Everything is already setup and they are waiting for you to finish.

You'll have every job ad already written for you and every task they should be completing itemized out line by line. You don't have to think about what they should be doing, just hand them these documents and they'll know how to get started.

Imagine if they also graded their own performance for you - YEP THAT'S INCLUDED! You'll get our quarterly self-review system where they grade their own performance on each task they are supposed to be doing. This is the ultimate accountability system and all you have to do is look over their grades to decide where they need help.

SEARCH & DESTROY CLIENT GETTING SYSTEM: Clients will see you as the ambulance here to save them after you apply this strategy. It’s a unique twist on the auditing method which exposes the clients profit losses. You simply say “would you like me to stop the bleeding” and watch them jump at the chance to hire you -- and fire the other guy.

It’s a simple report you run inside their own accounts. They can even look it up themselves, you just tell them where to click. Other agencies DO NOT want you to show their clients this report (and clients don’t know it exists). When they see it, they’ll be ready to fire whoever is working for them and feel like they OWE YOU A FAVOR.

The real secret though is after you have them look up this report it’s easy to get them a quick win. You’ll know exactly what targets will make their campaigns more profitable. Simply use the report to fix their ad campaigns and you’ll be the hero -- and they’ll never want to fire you.

THE "CLOSE YOURSELF" CLOSE: Give this step-by-step script to your assistant and every person they schedule a call for you with, will be ready to buy BEFORE they get on the phone with you. It's designed to be easy, so you can delegate it to anyone.
The way it works is a two part call... The first call filters out anyone who could not afford what you sell or is not serious. The second part uses a question based system of getting them to sell themselves on your program.

Included with this are recorded calls so you can hear exactly how this should work and sound. Everything you could need for training others to do your sales for you is included with this bonus training.


"There's a lot of experts, I'm not saying AdSkills is the only thing you should ever buy, but it should definitely be one of the things you invest in if you take your ad campaigns seriously. I've made way more back from their stuff than I have invested." 


If you leave this page now, you’re going to wake up this spring and realize I was right. Nothing will ever be the same again in the ad media buying landscape.

You’ll not only still have the same challenges and frustrations, without any new hope on the horizon for rapid business growth, you’ll have all new ones.

Here’s what’s coming, straight from Facebook’s website: “small businesses could see a cut of over 60% of website sales from ads [due to Apple’s privacy update].”

There’s no “if” about it. The big Facebook catastrophe is going to change everything and EVERYONE will be affected.  You’re going to need somebody on your side.

Because no matter if you advertise on Facebook, Google Search, YouTube… this crisis will be a massive opportunity for many media buying careers: 
It will be the  biggest ad agency turn-over we’ve ever seen.

While many will try to battle the changes alone and “figure it out”, you’re going to wake up tomorrow and know you’re in a sturdy boat along with an advisory of top-level pro ad wizards to help you weather the storm and create a steady stream of income DESPITE what's going on between Apple and the biggest ad networks.

But this is just the beginning.  When you’re on the inside, I’m going to share exclusive info with those few movers and shakers who want in on something special.

We’ve already got thousands of clients and advertisers lining up to get their campaigns fixed, done yesterday.

Folks will be searching desperately for anyone with a fix...
There are businesses spending $10k PER DAY and more… whose profit is on the line. (Think they’ll mind paying you $5k or even $10k per month out of that to keep ‘em safe?) In fact, if you were already in ProLeague you’d likely be charging $5k retainers to start.

If this training gets you just one of those clients, it will more than pay for itself.

Now, there may be thousands of ad agencies out there. But few will know what to do when they find themselves in this new advertising landscape.

When you invest in the Adskills Agency Data Hero system today, tomorrow will be different. Because right now it’s like someone pushed a big RESET button on paid ads. Old tactics won’t work for long.

You’ll be one of the few agencies with an updated game plan in a very unique position…

Because you’ll have a solution, all by becoming your clients’ and stakeholder’s hero, fighting for them during this crisis.

I’ve only got 50 spots open total because I want to make sure we can help everyone adapt to the big Data Reset… and come out on top of the crisis… with their old clients saved, and maybe some new ones picked up along the way.

Grab one of the 50 spots now.


Money Back Guarantee 

Try any AdSkills program for the next 30 days. We know you'll love our products because our customers write in telling us exactly that every day. Still, just in case we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Support Guarantee 

When you buy from AdSkills, your purchase comes with premium support. Any questions you have will be answered within a day (except for weekends and holidays). 

Freshness Guarantee 

Every course comes with the always updated guarantee. Every month we scour our courses for any outdated topics. If something has changed or become outdated, we make a fresh lesson to keep it up to date. 


"Thanks to what I've learned from AdSkills I'm now one of the top ad guys in my space. I'm even getting asked to speak on podcasts now because of the reputation from my results. And I owe a lot of that to AdSkills."

- Jason Stogsdill 

"Landed my first $10k client because of what I learned in your course.”

– Jay Leishman owner of StackDigitalMedia.com

Ever since I finished the Bootcamp, I've gotten better quality clients. I've gotten rave reviews from clients that I have never gotten before because they're so happy, even with results that we've been able to get them within the first 30 days. I've never experienced this before.”

- Liana Ling

“I used what I learned and took our campaigns from 1,000 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month.”

- Alejandro Reyes

Whatever they're charging now, pay it. You'll get it back. As a media buyer, an agency owner, I made my money back within 36 hours from the job board. I was able to get a client, a really great client that we got some good results for. That, in and of itself paid for the program, all the learning, the training.”

- Rory Stern

"I'm the kind of guy who buys everything to stay at the top of my game. I buy the courses, books, events, and masterminds. Out of everything I've purchased, AdSkills is consistently at the top when it comes to quality and value."

YES! I'm ready to STOP living in fear of the upcoming transformation taking place in ad media networks. I’m tired of my profits being jeopardized by the whims and whacks of giant media corporations. I'm excited to turn this mass data crisis into a career defining opportunity. I'm ready to be a Data Hero and join the Agency program so I can be a part of the Inner Circle and understand the dramatic changes taking place… and… at the same time… emerge a winner in this new era of advertising.

Listen, we’re on the cusp of a new era of advertising. One which will make or break media buying careers.

That’s why we are geared up and ready to prepare you to be one of the few elite media buyers with access to the solution to the great Data Reset of 2021.

This is what you’ll get IF you are one of the first 50 to  join 
Adskills ProLeague Data Hero Edition today...

You'll receive: FULL access to our Pro League  of 700+ professional ad buyers in our paid Slack group channel.

Thanks to the privacy wars Apple’s iOS14 has unleashed, there’s not ONE agency who knows what to do when all of this kicks off… But, that’s why we won’t rely on any ONE agency…

We’ve teamed up with elite level agency owners who are on the cutting edge of change. They’re already testing solutions to this data loss… contacting their high level ad reps… and spending thousands of dollars to get to the bottom of the issue ASAP. They then tune in to our network of other high level agencies, and share notes.

Because we work together, we’ll get thru this MUCH faster… and with much less head-ache. Working as an underground information network like this, puts a lot less stress on our members, and leaves us with a bunch more free time than figuring everything out on our own.

That’s why inside this new edition of our Agency program… you’re getting access to our top minds and sharing resources  to help you become the hero clients across the globe desperately need right now.

It’s like having your own crew on call 24/7 to help you survive and thrive in the great Data Reset of 2021.

Last but not least, you’re going to have access to our AdSkills Master Ad Buyer certification pre-test and official test. Which, once passed will 
unlock access to our guaranteed client offers.

I’ll explain how we give you new clients.

You won't need to beg for clients once you complete our certification. You'll get an email upon completion to schedule your calls with multi-million dollar companies who have already asked for "FIRST DIBS" on anyone who completes our certification.

Why would they do this?

Let's be honest, people aren't coming out of college with a degree in Facebook ads or Google Ads.

Hiring highly trained marketers is a major pain point for big companies. They don't want to take their chances with freelancers or have to provide training. They want to plug-in to our network and hire you as soon as you've completed our certification test and assignments.

When I say hire, there are companies which want in-house or remote workers as well as agencies or employees. We’ve trained the media buyers for ClickFunnels.com, Kajabi.com, DigitalMarketer.com, and many more.

No one else is offering this because most certifications are too easy. Our test was made by a real professor and is 100 questions. You do have access to a pre-test to practice on though. Clients know anyone who comes out of our program is legitimately worth paying top dollar, ESPECIALLY in today’s crisis environment. YOU MUST complete the test to qualify for this bonus.