How I Scaled a Campaign From $500/day to $65,000/day

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"AdSkills courses helped me become a hero at my company taking us from 1,500 leads per month to 15,000 leads per month" 
- Alejandro Reyes, Marketing Director

How I Scaled a Campaign From $500/day to $65,000/day

What You're Getting: You'll receive an 8 page PDF with no fluff or ego. Just the raw problems I faced and the solutions I came up with. It'll take you less than 20 minutes to read and afterwards you'll walkaway with actionable tips. There are at least 4 big needle movers you can implement today.

(This image is from the 2nd company I repeated the process with)

"[AdSkills] strategies and insights have been instrumental to the success of my advertising agency."

Jason Hornung, JH Media LLC

“I am blown away by the stuff I am learning in here. I am one of the guys who paid $20k to spend a day with Dan Kennedy. Seeing you answer these questions in your group, you remind me of him. You both are like a human Google.”

– Jeremy Blossom, CEO of Strikepoint Media

IMAGE ADS vs TEXT ADS: Discover which worked best and how we set them up to maximize daily sales volume without sacrificing immediate ROI. 

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OPERATION NOWHERE TO HIDE: Learn which targeting options we used that ensured we were targeting only our target market and showing up everywhere they went (no this is not about retargeting).

BYE BYE AD FRAUD: If you know the right settings and the right checkboxes to tick off you can erase 80% or more of ad fraud. This was crucial to our campaigns profitability.

THE 5x3 METHOD: Our own proprietary campaign framework that ensures we are always using the most effective ad creatvie with the most effective audience targeting. This is the meat and potatoes of what generated our success.

BONUS Compliance Checklist: You can't scale a banned or suspended ad account. We'll give you are ad network compliance checklist so you can feel safer with every campaign your launch.

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**This information will not be free forever, it will soon become a paid course on the AdSkills platform.